Matts Computers SA offers a diverse range of services including:

Web Site Services

Web Site Design >Website Examples

Web Site Hosting

Web Site Domain Name Management and Purchase


We are an all in one service which can provide your custom Website Design, Photoshop Services, Hosting, Domain Management, Computer Installation and Training!

We can design a broad range of websites for artists, musicians, companies and personal needs.

E-commerce websites can be created with a Customer Relationship Model backend to assist your customer with the best service!

All fully supported, backed-up, hosted and maintained by Matts Computers SA.

We won't stop until you are completely satisfied!

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Technical Support

Residential or Business Technical Support either Remotely or on Site

Have a problem which you just can't seem to fix?  Contact Us and we will quickly fix it for you!

Computer Upgrades

Computer Upgrades can be tricky with so many options available these days!

We can tailor a upgrade solution for you to meet your needs and your budget.

Computers - Networking - Peripherals - Monitors


Just need some advice?

We are happy to help!

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Error Resolution

Computers always seem to break down or come up with errors that never go away!

Why be frustrated with a machine that isn't making your life easier!

Contact Us to fix those annoying bugs and get your computer working for you not against you!

Computer Cleaning

Is your computer a bit sluggish?

Has it had better days?

Does it make a strange noise?

Contact Us and we will sort it out for you!